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At White Oaks West, we strive to provide the best in veterinary care for our patients. We are also proponets of client education, as we believe that by offering our knowledge and resources to you, you will have a greater ability to contribute to your companion's good health. While we take great care to educate our clients about all of the healthcare opportunities that are available to them, we find that each family is unique in their philosophies and abilities and we try to cater to the individual needs of each pet and family. The compassionate, individualized care the we extend to each patient and the high standards we maintain in our services and client relations are sure to please you and your pet!

  • Since Smidgie was 7 weeks old--White Oaks West was our choice. Wouldn't go any where else! Pleasant checkin/out. Very helpful assistance in the exam room. All veterinarians show care when dealing with pet parents that aren't the best at brushing teeth and giving people food nibbles.

    Sharon S Customer since 2008

  • White Oaks West is the most impressive animal clinic we have ever used. The staff are wonderful, friendly, and caring, and so are the doctors. Most importantly they saved my little buddy when my local vet and all others had thrown in the towel. He was very close to death and now you would never know he'd been ill. Dr. Britney is a miracle worker!

    Brian F Customer since 2012

  • Everyone was so cordial and we all shared anecdotes . Funny names for pets was the topic. Pets sure get those funny names . She mentioned that she went to school with Kiki Jones so my cat really does have nine lives and that must have been one of the others . Kiki was on rat patrol so I had to leave and as I mentioned that I cringed because a person was in their waiting with a ferret to be checked although a ferret is not a rat ,would Kiki know ? Thanks again !

    Randy J Customer since 2002

  • This is our second dog, and we would never consider taking him to another vet. Dr. McLaughlin and her staff are so thoughtful, kind and caring to all animals. From the reception staff through all of the vets you will simply not find a better animal clinic for your pets.

    Michael L Customer since 2009

  • What can I say, but thank you thank you to the front desk staff, the Doctor, and the behind the scenes staff for putting up with "the Cat", Liliana Snagglefur, she's a definite challenger to all, Once I manage to finally get her into the crate, she's in your hands and well taken care of. I've been going to Dr. Hurst's Vet office for ? 25 years, now on the 2nd cat and have nothing but praise.

    Paula H Customer since 2001

Compassionate Veterinary Care In Springfield IL

White Oaks West Animal Hospital has three AVMA-affiliated veterinarians trained at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and a large professional support staff of veterinary technicians dedicated to making sure that your pet receives the attention and individual care you deserve. Our hospital's state of the art technology allows us to offer a variety of services sure to address all of your pet’s needs, including preventative care programs, therapeutic services, advanced imaging and surgical procedures, dentistry, boarding, and more.

We invite you to allow White Oaks West Animal Hospital to become your partners in providing outstanding health care for your pet.

White Oaks West Animal Hospital White Oaks West Animal Hospital