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White Oaks West Animal Hospital Online Reviews

Client satisfaction is a top priority at White Oaks West Animal Hospital. Our staff takes great pride in providing every pet with the high quality veterinary care and treating each pet like they are our own.


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Virginia Manley WOW Online Reviews
I have been taking my precious dog to White Oaks Animal Hospital for eight years and have received the best care for my dog as well as they helped me through some scary times with her. I absolutely could not ask for better care & service. The entire staff is so caring & willing to do whatever it takes. I recommend them to anyone who has a pet. I have seen several of the Vets there and they are all very good!!!

Heather Schmidt WOW Online Reviews
Respectful, caring, family oriented. I could not have found a better place to take our dogs, cats and even an iguana once. Recommended even when my children had pet mice, as the provider to seek.

They have been incredible in every visit, including the worst kind to have. They helped make all of the arrangements for cremation and an urn when our elderly dog passed, they made every attempt to save her and she just didn't make it. they let our children have time to say goodbye to her in a dignified setting and helped me make the necessary decisions for the next steps.

There is no place else I would consider going in this area.

Gerianne Mazrim WOW Online Reviews
White Oaks West has been our veterinarian clinic for years. We have several dogs & cats, and each pet is treated with the utmost professionalism and compassion! From the moment you walk through the door, you are greeted & treated like family. The office staff, technicians, and vets always spend as much time as needed, and you are never rushed (even though they may have a full schedule, they treat you & your pet like you're the only ones there at the time). Phone calls are always returned, and we are always notified of all lab/diagnostic results, in an expeditious time frame, once received. From sharing in the joy of a new puppy or kitten, to being very sympathetic & mourning WITH US in the loss of an elderly/ill pet or euthanization, THIS vet clinic and ENTIRE staff are without a doubt, THE BEST in Central Illinois. Each person there always, ALWAYS, has the best interest of our pets, and always go above & beyond to make sure they receive the care they would provide their own pets!

Karen Johnson WOW Online Reviews
They are VERY friendly and caring about your pet. They took excellent care of our last dog who passed. Now we have a new little one that hope we have long friendship with them. Look forward to their help with all her needs!

Whitney Walsh WOW Online Reviews
I can't say enough good things about White Oaks and, particularly, Dr. McLaughlin! We have four pets - two dogs, two cats - and there is always something going on with one of them:) The staff is responsive and caring. Dr. McLaughlin is wonderful with our animals and with us! She understands how important our animals are to us and treats us with great respect. She is very sensitve to the needs of our pets and is very thorough while giving us multiple options to be able to make both a good decision for their health and for our budget.

Mary Beers – 5 stars
We couldn't be happier with the care our girl Rosie has received since she was a puppy. That will be nearly 10 years in February. She actually runs in to greet all the folks there and happily heads for the examining room or back toward the kennels. The medical care and loving environment are a wonderful combination!

Mary Lee Samaras WOW Online Reviews
WOW (White Oaks West Animal Hospital) is just that.... WOW! We take our three cats and kitten there. We are always extremely pleased with the love and attention our human/fur face family gets from the reception area to the techs to Dr. McLaughlin, our vet. We recommend this animal hospital to everyone.

Christina Forestier WOW Online Reviews
I have taken my pets to Dr. Greg Hurst for 24 years. He is a knowledgeable veterinarian whose talents stretch into various specialized areas of animal treatment. He at one point, was or may even still be, the Veterinarian for The Henson, Robinson Zoo.

He employs a staff that is second to none. Always courteous and friendly, they always greet people warmly. They each know their jobs and they do them effectly and quickly.

Michael Long WOW Online Reviews
White Oaks West Animal Hospital has provided veterinary care for our two dogs for 10 years or more. Over these years, my wife and I have felt our animals received the absolute best treatment possible. Dr. McLaughlin is an awesome vet, and the office staff is the friendliest and kindest we have encountered anywhere. Please make White Oaks West your choice - you and your animals will never regret it!

Kelly Argo WOW Online Reviews
We are so lucky to have White Oaks West here to help us take care of our WILD Canine Rescue dogs. Liberty was recently a patient and he had outstanding care from the entire staff. This is the best place to take your pet for care, whether it's a dog or cat, or even a guinea pig. Thank you to everyone who took care of Liberty.

Andrea Alvarez WOW Online Reviews
Very professional and loving people! I had my dog spay 2 weeks ago and they took excellent care of her. they even called me several times to make sure she was doing good and answered all my questions.

Connie Condra WOW Online Reviews
I have what might be called a "special needs" parrot. Dr. Brittany and White Oaks WEst Animal Hospital has provided excellent care for him. Their staff is very friendly and always greet us when we arrive. They ask how Max is doing. Dr. Brittany carefully monitors his weight, physical status, and diet. I could not ask for better care for Max.

Katy Coffey WOW Online Reviews
Everyone is so friendly & quick appointments. I feel comfortable everytime I walk into the doors. The website is so easy to use I like it. I have a wonderful doctor she understands my cat perfectly! Thank you Dr. hasselberg. If you are wondering where you should go I definitely recommend White Oaks West Animal Hospital!

Polly Austin WOW Online Reviews
Dr. Hassleberg is the best veterinarian I have ever seen. She has literally saved my cat's life when no other veterinarian could figure out what was wrong. My cat has a lot of unique health issues. Dr. Hassleberg has the knowledge needed to care for all my pets. She also takes care of my guinea pig and my hamster. The staff there is always helpful and kind. I would never go anywhere else.

Greg Hu WOW Online Reviews
I feel the entire staff has me and my pets best interest in mind when we are there. They are thorough, competent and friendly. I am very comfortable discussing my needs and concerns.

Kristi Jones WOW Online Reviews
White Oaks West Animal Hospital has the friendliest staff. They always remember our family and the name of our dog right when we enter the facility. The facility is clean and the docs are top notch. Highly recommended.

Cassie Rovery WOW Online Reviews
The doctors and staff at WOW go above and beyond to care for your pets. It is obvious that they truly love what they do. Thank you WOW for taking such great care of our pets over the years! I would recommend them to anyone.

Lorena Williams WOW Online Reviews
Both the Doctor and staff were excellent and very caring. I would visit here again for sure. Pricing is very reasonable as well.

Tambria Pedigo WOW Online Reviews
The staff here are great! They are very thorough and are gentle! Love this place! Wouldn't take my pets anywhere else!

Jennie Alt WOW Online Reviews
We areceived very appreciative of the care we have received over the years. We have been using WOW since 1999. Outstanding staff and Vets.