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At White Oaks West, we strive to provide the best in veterinary care for our patients. We are also proponets of client education, as we understand that your dog or cat is an important member of your family that you always wish to be treated accordingly. We believe that by offering our knowledge and resources to you, you will have a greater ability to contribute to your companion's good health. The compassionate, individualized care we extend to each patient and the high standards we maintain in our services and client relations are sure to please you and your pet!


- Subjects Covered

03-23-17 - Keeping Fleas And Ticks Off Pets
01-26-17 - Oral Hygiene For Pets
08-25-16 - Pet Allergies
07-28-16 - Keeping pets safe while on vacation
07-14-16 - Traveling With Pets
06-02-16 - Celebrating 500th Visit
05-19-16 - Pet Influenza
05-05-16 - Your Pet and Baby Birds, Rabbits
04-07-16 - Keeping Pets Healthy In The Spring
12-03-15 - Cold Weather Helpful Hints
09-24-15 - The problems with giving your pet over the counter human medications
08-27-15 - Fall allergy season
07-30-15 - Importance for microchipping you pet
06-04-15 - Summertime Disease Prevention, Heat exposure
05-21-15 - Canine, and Feline Disease that Humans can get
05-07-15 - Flea and Tick Prevention
04-09-15 - The spread of H3N8 (Canine Influenza)
03-26-15 - Over feeding our Pets
02-26-15 - Dental Health care for your pets
01-29-15 - Dental Health care for your pets
12-18-14 - Keeping pets safe on the Holidays, Cats eating tinsel, Aggressive pets
11-20-14 - Pet care on Thanksgiving
11-06-14 - Fleas after summer, Flea prevention
10-23-14 - Preparing pets for trick-or-treaters, and toxic candy
10-09-14 - Cataracts, removing dew claws
09-25-14 - Fatty tumors, Labrador life span, Puppy pad use in house
08-28-14 - Summer heat, Storm anxiety
08-14-14 - Dogs and poison ivy, Feline constant grooming, Allergies
07-31-14 - Introducing dogs to new babies, Hording water
07-17-14 - Flea baths, Chronic vomitting
07-03-14 - Collapsed Trachea, Thunder Shirts, People Food